Lukasz (thirdascension) wrote in notdrowning,

: hello heaven.
: your such a beautiful place.
: with your upturned faces.
: and makeshift places.
: on top of invisible gates.
: and horrid states.
: contagious is your light.
: if only for a second.
: and I’m just a bit curious.
: with your halo fading to grey.
: will your light still shine.
: will it still shine.
: and I’m just a bit curious.
: as to how your sky’s still hangs.
: when the ground is so cast in shadows.
: circling your halo.
: with these insecure impressions.
: and these farewell conclusions.
: help me understand.
: why you light doesn't shine anymore.
: in these sky’s now cleared away.

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