betty's no good clothes shop and pancake house (thrueyessoblue) wrote in notdrowning,
betty's no good clothes shop and pancake house

hey there people. first post. might even be the last, who knows. heh.

anyways...i know, this is awful, it needs a ton of's just what i decided to do today in my Novel class besides listening. i saw someone who i have a lot of issues with, and this just kinda came out. the music wrote itself in my head. i'll work on it more soon.


'staring contest'

maybe i'll call you around Christmas
and leave a message that i know you won't receive
maybe you'll hear the voice that greets you
maybe you'll kill it once you see that it was me
maybe you'll cry--all--night
at the sound--of--my--voice

i used to sleep
on a stack of folded notes
under my pillow

maybe i'll see you by your streetlamp
alone like you wanted to be
put your arms out at your sides
see if anyone is still there
take a long walk round your block
watch the lights go out

the ink runs in
the shape of tear-stained circles
where your name once was

you've--got--your street
and i've--got--mine

you've--got--your street
and i've--got--mine...
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