Not Drowning: Floating

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Welcome to Not Drowning: Floating.

This is a little community I started for the lovers...the dreamers...and me. It's a place to put little bits of inspiration - whether they be your own poems, songs or snippets of your next great novel. Perhaps it's something you saw, something you read - something that inspired you.

Something that contributed to the essense of everything that you are. Random expressions of love and appreciation are also welcome....positivity isn't a neccesity - but it sure helps us all get along just that little bit more, yes?

Please respect other members and use cut tags for anything excessively long.

I welcome your presence here - but have low tolerance for people who waste my time and the time of others - if one day you find yourself no longer a member - it's nothing personal - you just probably did something to mortally offend me.

Lucky for you this rarely happens.

Enjoy notdrowning

Love, Erica A. Sharp (aka jazzgoddess)

P.S The inspiration from this community name came from a piece I wrote last year...

[Not Drowning]

I'm not drowning, I'm floating
Beneath the surface
Looking at the stars from
Another perspective
Even though my solitude
Sets me apart - I can only
Dream of normalcy

All I want its to be underwater
Seeing everything in a new way
Being alive on a new day
Being with you

Find me underwater
Invisible and clear
And oh, how the
Sun shines here...

(c) 2002 - Erica A. Sharp